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For two cups of coffee a month, you can expect multiple essays a week that are thoughtful, relevant, and most importantly (and hopefully), educating. I write about technology, science, culture, and anything else that interests me. My promise to you, however, is that every work is written with the sole intention of helping my audience understand something new about the world. Nikhil’s Rambles is a home for writers, engineers, creators, and near everyone in between.

Who Am I?

I’m Nikhil, a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Engineering, technology, and writing are my passions.

I contribute to HuffPo and SingularityHub, run a technology YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers, and spend my summers at Tesla as a software engineer. I also make money writing on Medium. Recently, I became an Accel Scholar at school.

Most importantly, though, I’ve grown tired of others telling me what to write about, and the bureaucracy under which they do so. My goal has always been to provide insightful commentary about the world, without being jaded by political leaning, industry sponsorship, or invasive advertisements.

As such, I’m going out on my own. I’d love any support, criticism, and feedback you may have!

@bignikhilreddy on Twitter & @thetek2020 on YouTube.


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Of course! Send me an e-mail!

Do I have an editor?

My friends! Specifically, my buddy Matthew Joerke. His brilliance is bested only by his humility, and I bring him most pieces before they are published.